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The Volonteer-Hunters of Saint-Domingue- Les Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Domingue – a volunteer regiment made up of ten companies of light infantry (chasseurs) enlisted from “freemen of color”. It was the largest unit of men of African descent to fight and proudly participated in the American Revolutionary War in Savannah, Georgia. This group of brave soldiers was established by an order on March 12, 1779, under the command of Laurent François Le Noir de Rouvray. In 1779, Saint-Domingue was an island colony of France. It is now divided into the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In September and October of the same year, these troops made up one-tenth of the allied army in the six-week siege of Savannah, Georgia, including the battle of September 24th and the attack of October 9th.

The small drummer boy named Henri Christophe, who participated in the American Revolutionary War in Savannah, Georgia, became later a tremendous leader in the Haitian independence from French Colony. He became a commander of the Haitian Army in Cap-Haïtien, northern part of Haiti and later king for fourteen years of that region. Henri Christophe was well-known for building the Citadelle, now an UNESCO recognized patrimony and the palace of Sans Soucis near the City of Cap-Haïtien. These two important monuments represent a center of attraction and destination for world tourism.

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