The Designer

Fritz B. Bosquet is a Haitian designer who spent his formative childhood years in Haiti before relocating to the United States with his family. His teenage years were molded while growing up in Spring Valley, Rockland County, New York; a rich diaspora of multiple Carribean and Afro- American influences. From the early days of his childhood, Fritz believed his parents were molding and preparing him for the experience of being an immigrant in the United States of America which would eventually change his life. 

Throughout his travels Fritz recognized one common trait we all share; it is cultural pride and the use of our clothes to exhibit that. This expression became the inspirations that utilized the values instilled in him by his parents to love one’s self while appreciating and respecting other's visions regardless of their Race, Religion, or Social status. With this mindset and understanding he established a movement that everyone can identify with; Heritaj, a lifestyle brand created as a fashionable expression of one’s pride in their culture and the rich history to which this culture continues to flourish. 

Having a background as an Artist and his experience as a fashion model gives him a distinct eye for quality design, style and originality. His vision is to design pieces to highlight the pride of all cultures across the world. Heritaj is the outlet for the fashion conscious individual to be able to show their cultural pride with style and elegance not hate. It's not just a garment, it's your story.